About Me


I am an artist from Ottawa, ON Canada. Since I graduated from Sheridan's Animation program, I have worked on projects for companies such as Silicon Knights, Disney, Mercury Filmworks, and various projects for smaller businesses. I am primarily a 3D artist, but I have gradually become more interested in programming (Melscript, C++, BASH, BATCH) for it's usefulness in speeding up my workflow and facilitating other repetitive tasks. I also have done some freelance work as an Illustrator.

I really love the romantic period painters like David Freidrich Caspar, Joseph William Mallord Turner, and Jaques Louis David. Some contemporary artists that I love are Ken Wong, Nathan Fowkes, Bill Cone, Benjamin Plouffe, and I especially love Norman Felchle’s work on American McGee's Alice.

I am a real computer guy - I just built my first hackintosh with with a few flavours of linux, and windows. So far my distro of choice is Debian, but I have been dabbling with CentOS and Arch. I also enjoy learning about computer hardware/software, modding video games, playing guitar, and I have a real love of the outdoors (hiking, biking, camping, and cooking/baking bread). Currently, I am working my way through a lot of linux documentation from the LDP; I just learned about iNodes, and IndirectBlocks and I am loving every new tidbit of information that I pick up.

Feel free to contact me at willjpittman@gmail.com if you have any questions, or just feel like saying hi.